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Weave your brand's story with extraordinary fabric labels: Unleash the power of woven identity

At Woven Labelz, we believe that every brand has a unique story to tell, and our mission is to weave those stories into authentic and unforgettable identities through extraordinary fabric labels.

We strive to give new meaning and visual recognition to your brand, empowering your products to stand out amidst fierce market competition.

Material Diversity

Offering a wide range of fabric and material options

Customized Design

Collaborating with clients to create tailored designs based on your needs

Excellent Quality

Implementing strict quality control to ensure the fine detail durability of each label

Fast Delivery

Efficient production processes and supply chain management

Woven Label | Clothing Label

Woven Labels

Labeling Fashion: Unveiling the Art of Custom Clothing Labels

Embark on a journey through the world of custom clothing labels and witness the artistry that adorns the fashion industry. From fabric to finish, discover the transformative power of personalized labels that leave an indelible mark on your garments.

If you need to customize the main label for garments, we suggest woven labels and printed fabric labels. Woven labels offer durability and a refined appearance, while printed fabric labels provide more design flexibility.

You can choose printed fabric labels. Printed fabric labels can fulfill multiple labeling needs and ensure clear and concise label information.

If you need to add decorative labels to clothing, you can choose metal labels, embroidered labels, or printed labels. Metal labels add a fashionable craftsmanship touch, embroidered labels provide intricate and durable decorative effects, and printed labels offer more design flexibility.

We are a professional label supplier dedicated to crafting a unique brand image for you. Whether you are looking for traditional woven labels, embroidered labels, or fashionable metal labels, TPU labels, we can provide you with high-quality and creatively diverse custom solutions.  Let our labels be the guarantee of quality and the distinctive symbol of your products, as we embark on the path to building a successful brand together. Feel free to contact us and let us add infinite charm to your business!

Beautiful LABELS

Label Paradise: Explore an Infinite Range of Product Labels

  Welcome to our Label Paradise! Here, we showcase a vast range of offerings, providing you with a diverse selection of labels to meet your customization needs.

  Explore boundless possibilities and add unique charm and brand identity to your products.

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