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 Exquisite Woven Labels: Unbeatable Prices and Free Shipping for Orders Below 1kg

Folding Options and Applicable Sizes:

  1. Straight Cut: Suitable Sizes – 2*0.625, 2*1, 2*2
  2. Center Fold/Loop Fold/Book Cover Fold: Suitable Sizes – 1*2.5, 1.25*3, 1.5*3.5
  3. End Fold: Suitable Sizes – 2.5*0.5, 3*0.5, 3*0.75
  4. Mitre Fold: Suitable Sizes – 4*0.5, 4.25*0.775, 4.75*1
  5. Manhattan Fold: Suitable Sizes – 0.75*1.75, 1*2.25, 1.5*3.25

For custom sizes or countries not listed above, please feel free to contact us through our “Contact Us” page, and we will promptly assist you.

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Our woven label product range provides a diverse selection to fulfill your requirements for quality and personalized branding. Whether it’s the classic elegance of satin labels, the soft comfort of cotton labels, the fashion-forward appeal of TPU labels, or the durable waterproofing of Tyvek labels, we have you covered.

These labels are suitable for various products including shoes, caps, t-shirts, towels, pillows, beanies, scarves, sofas, and jerseys. Whether you need labels for commercial purposes or personalized items, we offer suitable choices to cater to your specific needs.

Our label materials include 100% polyester and satin, with the option to accept custom satin material. Choose from satin, damask, or taffeta styles, each offering a distinct look and feel. You can also opt for different definitions, such as the common 75 denier or upgrade to the higher-definition 50 denier.

Cut options include heat cut and laser cut, ensuring precise and clean edges. We employ Jacquard looms for weaving, guaranteeing exceptional craftsmanship. The edges of our labels are soft and non-fraying, providing a comfortable touch.

Multiple finishing options are available, including sewing, iron-on, and adhesive stickers. Choose from straight cut, end-fold, center fold, Manhattan fold, miter fold, book cover fold, or loop fold for the desired folding style.

Production time typically ranges from 6 to 10 days, with delivery times of 1 to 6 days through trusted couriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT.

Thread colors include regular thread in any color and metallic thread options such as gold, silver, and rose gold.

Our labels can accommodate up to 8 colors and have specific requirements for size dimensions. The maximum single side length is 20cm, minimum side height is 6cm, minimum text height is 1.4mm, and minimum metallic thread height is 1.8mm.

Proof options include digital proofs and sample photos. Please note that gradient effects are not allowed.

These labels are widely used for wig labels, custom wig labels, labels for wigs, wig hair labels, satin wig labels, wig labels brand, wig woven label, wig labels tags, inside labels for wigs, and fabric labels for wigs.

Whether you are a commercial client or an individual customer, we provide high-quality woven labels that are customizable to meet your branding needs.

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Samples(5pcs), 25pcs, 50pcs, 100pcs, 200pcs, 300pcs, 500pcs, 1000pcs, 2000pcs, 3000pcs, 5000pcs, 10000pcs


Straight Cut, Center Fold, Loop Fold, End Fold, Mitre Fold, Mahattan, Book Cover Fold


2*0.625, 2*1, 2*2, 1*2.5, 1.25*3, 1.5*3.5, 2.5*0.5, 3*0.5, 3*0.75, 4*0.5, 4.25*0.775, 4.75*1, 0.75*1.75, 1*2.25, 1.5*3.25

Backing Options

Sew-on, Iron-on, Stick-on

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