Request a Quote for Custom Woven Labels: Get Your Perfect Label Design Today

1.What’s the measure for the labels?

Stand size: 1×2”
The max size is 8”
Custom size according to your demand.

2.Can we choose the font?

Yes, please visit “” choose your favorite font.

3.Where can we choose colors?

Up to 8 colors of yarn. the price will be different if the color increase.
free download for pantone solid coated color in PDF :
If you require glossy shiny, metallic yarn ,Lurex, there’s an extra additional $20. per order.

4.Will your labels fray, bleed, or fade??

Strong and durable, all our labels can be washed time and again with hot water—without fear of fraying, bleeding or fading.

5.What materials are the labels made of?

Our Woven Labels are 100%, soft-to-the-touch Polyester, made with a Damask Weave, woven on professional Jacquard Looms. Their intricate weaving structure ensures long-lasting quality.

6.Will you provide free sample?

Our designer will provide free mock up for you. And if your quantity is more than 2,000pcs, we can also provide a pre-production sample for you.
If you want make a sample firstly, you can just buy 5pcs.

7.Where are you located? What’s the turn around?

We are in Shanghai where is very close to Shanghai port. It is very convenient and fast, whether by express or air or sea.
6-9 business days for your label delivery AFTER YOUR FINAL PROOF APPROVAL. Shipping time also need 3-5 work days.
RUSH orders are available for an additional fee of $25.00, and takes approx. One Week for your label delivery AFTER YOUR FINAL PROOF APPROVAL.

8.What about Sewing Allowance?

We recommend a Sewing Allowance of approximately 0.2 inch (approximately 0,5 cm = 5 mm).

When we made the mock up for you, we will notice this point and refer it out so you can see it clearly.

9.What are the file requirements for uploading my logo?

Try to upload your file. If it works, great! If not, our customer service can help you, either before or after you place your order.

We prefer vector files. If you have a raster file (eg. a JPG), we recommend a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (300 pixels per inch). This way we can ensure that your label will look its best.

10.What are the fold styles you have?

• • Straight cut – No fold. Straight cut labels are usually sewn on all 4 sides, the top, or on
left and right side only. No extra charge for this fold.
• • End fold – End fold labels are folded down on the left and right side.
They are applied the same way as straight cut labels, but have a softer edge. Sewing contractors may charge more for this fold, so please consult them before making your final decision. This fold does require an extra charge.
• • Loop Fold – These labels are folded in the top and bottom, usually sewn in bottom T-shirt. Loop fold labels can also be used for sleeve and hem labels.
• • Centerfold – These labels are folded in the middle and usually sewn into a seam. Center fold labels can also be used for sleeve and hem labels. This fold does require an extra charge.
•• Book cover fold – These labels are folded in the middle and end fold , can also be used for sleeve and hem labels. usually sewn in bottom T-shirt. This fold does require an extra charge.
•• Miter Fold – With miter fold labels, the ends are folded under and up, creating a tab to be sewn into a seam. This fold does require an extra charge.
•• Manhattan Fold – Manhattan fold is just like a centerfold label, except the top of the label is folded down, creating a flap to tuck the bottom fold into. If you need HEM LABELS we highly recommend the manhattan fold! This fold requires an extra charge.

11.How to iron on a woven label?

Use the “Cotton” setting on your iron. Do not use steam. Use baking paper.
When applying an iron-on label to an item there are a few easy steps you need to follow.
First, you’ll want to check the heat tolerance of the fabric you’re attaching your label to; an easy way to know is by checking the care label of your item to see if it allows for ironing. Next, set your iron to the “cotton” setting; DO NOT SET YOUR IRON TO STEAM. After that you’ll want to place your iron-on label in the desired location, then cover with a piece of parchment paper.
Once you have your label where you want it and covered with parchment paper, carefully iron over your parchment paper for 15-20 seconds. You will want to move your iron in a slow movement, and wait at least 2 minutes before you remove the parchment paper.
And that’s it! You now have an iron-on label!

Further notes:

The strength of the adhesive layer is also dependent on the type of fabric you are adhering it to.
If your iron is not hot enough, it is possible for the adhesive to separate from the label when you try to iron it on. If this happens, increase the heat of your iron, push the label down on the adhesive, and try ironing on the back of the item where the label is placed to re-adhere it.

Washing Instructions:

To maintain the longevity of your iron-on labels, please follow the standards listed below when washing items with an iron-on label attached.
Do not dry clean
Do not tumble dry
Do not use chlorine bleach
Cold wash cycles only
Wait 24 hours after adding the label before your first wash.

12. Are payments on this website secure?

Yes,All payments are processed by established and trusted payment providers. We do not store any of your credit card data or other sensitive payment information. The PayPal also protects the interests of its users.

13.Do you offer expedited shipping or expedited production?

Yes, we offer expedited shipping or expedited production.
We can ship the labels to you via fast express directly, only need 3-5 work days. If you are urgent, we can also provide rush service. You just need to pay extra us$25.

14.Do you charge Sales Tax or VAT?

It depends on the shipping address (country) that you choose.
USA – Sales Tax is charged in the following states.

When you enter a shipping address in one of the following states, Sales Tax is charged based on the applicable local Tax Rates.

New Jersey
North Carolina
If you have a sales tax exemption, please submit this through our customer support before placing your order.

Other states in the USA

When you select a shipping address in any other state (not listed above), no Sales Tax will be charged.

European Union

When your order is shipped to a shipping country in the European Union, the VAT of that country will be charged. The rates are:

Austria (AT) 20%
Belgium (BE) 21%
Bulgaria (BG) 20%
Croatia (HR) 25%
Cyprus (CY) 19%
Czech Republic (CZ) 21%
Denmark (DK) 25%
Estonia (EE) 20%
Finland (FI) 24%
France (FR) 20%
Germany (DE) 19%
Greece (GR) 24%
Hungary (HU) 27%
Ireland (IE) 21%
Italy (IT) 22%
Latvia (LV) 21%
Lithuania (LT) 21%
Luxembourg (LU) 17%
Malta (MT) 18%
Netherlands (NL) 21%
Poland (PL) 23%
Portugal (PT) 23%
Romania (RO) 19%
Slovakia (SK) 20%
Slovenia (SI) 22%
Spain (ES) 21%
Sweden (SE) 25%

For shipping to the European Union (except the Netherlands) we will reverse VAT for all customers with a valid VAT number for the country that they ship to. For example, an Italian customer has a valid Italian VAT number and ships to Italy: then this customer can enter the VAT number during checkout. If it’s validated, then no VAT will be charged.

If the VAT number is entered during checkout, it will also show on the invoice
We check the VAT validity through this official website.

We charge 20% UK VAT at checkout for all customers. No VAT or duties will be charged by customs or the shipper.

We charge 10% GST at checkout for all customers. No VAT or duties will be charged by customs or the shipper.

All other countries
When you select a shipping address in any other country, we will not charge any VAT or Sales Tax on our products. It is possible that such taxes, and/ or import duties, may be charged by your local authorities.

15. What payment methods do you offer?

Payment with Credit Card (all cards are accepted) and PayPal is always available regardless of the Shipping Country.
 We can also accept payment by bank.

16.What is your return and refund policy?

Every time. Any reason. Or we’ll make it right.
We stand by everything we sell, 100%. So if you’re not satisfied with your order for any reason, neither are we. We’ll make it right – from redo your order to refunding you in full. We’ll even cover shipping. Simple as that.

Our Customer Care Specialists are trained in the art of solving problems. So if you’re not absolutely satisfied, here’s how we can help:
First, Submit a ticket and let us know exactly what your issue is.
Then, we’ll work with you to find a solution that you’ll be happy with, whether that means reprinting your order at no additional cost or crediting your account so you can place a new order.

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